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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Malaysia Vs Myanmar | Result | SEA GAMES 2011 |

Myanmar coach, Stefan Hasson, said his team performed quite well when defeated Malaysia 0-1 in the semifinal football SEA Games XXVI on Saturday (19/11/011). According to him, his team lost only because of luck.

"We feel pretty good game. Malaysia was in no fit condition after the fight against Indonesia," said Hasson after the match.

Myanmar has suffered painful defeat. Aye San and his colleagues looked more attacking. While Malaysia tends to wait and try to counterattack After halftime, Myanmar appear to attack again.

A number of them quite dangerous to the defense effort Malaysia, but could not produce a goal. In the midst of this pressure, Malaysia managed to steal a goal by Saarani in the 84th minute. Position 1-0 to Malaysia did not change until the end.

"If we had luck, we can score goals. I regret that the team can not score goals," said Hasson.

Regardless, Hasson acknowledged that Malaysia is a strong team. "Malaysia is a strong team. Moreover, we only do two weeks of preparation before this tournament," said Hasson.

Meanwhile, Malaysian Ong Kim Swee coach believes his team perform better in the second half. "Actually, we played well in the first half but looked tired after a play against Indonesia. We played better in the second half. Demonstrate character, attacking, and eventually scored," said Ong.

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