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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Barrichello Retirement?

Brazilian rider, Felipe Massa, giving advice to compatriot Rubens Barrichello, to retire from Formula 1 arena. Expressed the opinion that because the mass is concerned about the conditions faced by Barrichello, who need to find sponsors to get a spot on the 2012 season.

Before the race at home, Interlagos this weekend, Barrichello did not come to terms with the Williams team to continue racing on the new season later. However, he did not want to race at Interlagos that became the ultimate series last season in 2011 into action. Barrichello want to still look at next year to reach 20th season in F1 arena.

However, the realities facing now makes Massa concerned. In fact, according to the Ferrari, Barrichello should not need to get a sponsorship problem because his remarkable career in this car racing arena. Therefore, Massa suggested to Barrichello to retire from the sport.

"I gave a suggestion: that out," Massa told TotalRace said in an interview. "To me, Barrichello had a remarkable career in F1: the most riders competing in Grand Prix and won many victories. It is a highly desirable career that many racers."

"He was racing for the best teams in F1. I do not encourage it to come out because I felt he was old or something else like that. But, today there are 12 teams in F1, and five or six riders ask for money in order to get a seat. I think this is a silly thing. "

"I think, as I said to him, I can not see Barrichello looking for sponsors for the race, after he had achieved many accomplishments in F1."

"I told him to get out and use this final race to achieve a happy ending. But, I know, he will do what he thinks is best and, as a friend, I will support and we wish her all."

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