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Thursday, November 17, 2011

De Rossi Ready to go

The fate of the new contract Daniele De Rossi increasingly indistinct. The problem, now negotiating with Rome has impasse.

The difference between the two sides so far have not been able to find common ground, so that the negotiations were terminated.

"Negotiation is currently stopped," said De Rossi who told Soccernet. "I was shocked when talking about this deal."

With the cessation of negotiations, De Rossi also stated there is a chance for him to leave Rome and played outside Italy.

"I have been considering going since last year. If indeed I go, the first option is to play abroad. But if an agreement to leave the Italians could not get, I'm not going to stop playing. "

De Rossi's contract with I Lupi will end next summer. Reportedly, De Rossi asking for a raise from the Roma. But the value offered is not in accordance with the wishes

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