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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mancini Ready to Forgive Tevez

Mancini Ready to Forgive Tevez . Manchester City manager, Roberto Mancini is ready to forgive Carlos Tevez and maintain it at the club, if he apologized.

Tevez worse off after the Manchester City match against Bayern Munich in the Champions League. Mancini judge he refused to play.. However, Tevez denied.

Tevez had speculated would leave the City in January. Some clubs are ready to contain it. However, Mancini insisted Tevez still has a chance to stay at the club if to apologize for his mistakes.

"Everything depends to Carlos. If he had apologized to the team and to me, then everything will be as before. If he refuses, then Tevez has value that everyone knows and something will happen in January," said Mancini told the newspaper Italy, Corriere della Sera.

"He does not prepare properly and get bad advice from someone. I do not want this and I will be the first to forgive," he added.

However, Tevez gave an indication not want to apologize for not feeling guilty and never refused to play.

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