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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Button Want Increased Machine

Button Want Increased Machine. McLaren team rider, Jenson Button, hoping his team can improve the ability of the engine in order to compete with Red Bull team rider, Sebastian Vettel, in two series remaining. Button claimed difficulty competing with Vettel but will not give up.

"Do not be rivaled Vettel? I do not know, I hope not. We will do everything to ensure he did not win again in the remaining two series. However, Vettel is very fast and difficult to compete this year. We do it all but still lost rapidly against Vettel , "said Button, Monday (31/10/2011) in London.

Button managed to beat Vettel in the Japanese series, but Vettel wins in Korean series and the series of India. In Buddh International Circuit, India, Button chasing Vettel tried hard, but the German rider finished eight seconds ahead of Button.

"Over the next two weeks, we will try to improve the ability of machines to be able to beat Vettel in Abu Dhabi. Victory over Vettel is I need to maintain the second position until the end of this season," Button said.

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