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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Montenegro Vs Czech Republic Result

Montenegro Vs Czech Republic Result is 0-1. Czech sure to qualify for Euro 2012. Come to Montenegro in the second leg play-off, the Czech won 1-0. Czech 3-0 aggregate lead over Montenegro. Earlier in the first leg at home, the Czech won 2-0.

Winning the first leg, Czech appearing defensive. Meanwhile, Montenegro tried to keep attacking. Had made ​​some chances, they failed until the first half ended.

In the second half, Montenegro returned to try all-out attack. However, this would open up their defense and put to good use by the Czech.

In the 81st minute, Czech had managed to make a goal. From a distance of about 12 meters, Petr Jiracek hard kick and produce a goal.

The goal seemed to put an end to resistance Montenegro. Although still tried to attack, Montenegro failed to respond and was forced to give up 0-1. The Czech players celebrate their success was immediately qualify for the finals.

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