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Friday, November 11, 2011

Singapore Vs Indonesia Result

Until the referee blows the long whistle as a sign of the end of the second half, scoring in a match between Indonesia and Singapore in Group A advanced game XXVI SEA Games football branch, Friday (11/11/2011), unchanged. Indonesia closed the game with a 2-0 victory over the team "Young Lions".

Indonesia scored goals in the first half by Patrich Wanggai and Titus Bonai. Patrich scored the fastest goal in the second to the 45th, while Tibo recorded a goal after the show action in individual dribble in the 37th minute.
At the beginning of the second half, Singapore started with a faster rhythm. They rely on a quick counter-attack despite playing with only ten players as Neil Navin Vanu red card by referee in first round in the 22nd minute.
The speed of the players are able to care Slobodan Pavkovic troublesome midfield and defense, "Garuda Youth". In fact, hard kick Singapore's young striker, Mohammad Khairul Nizam, in the 53rd minute was surprising Kurnia Meiga. Fortunately, Meiga able to ward off the ball onto the net.
A hard free kick from the foot of the players in Singapore, Harris on 86 minutes also almost led to a goal after goal hit the left pole Meiga and rolled off the field.
Meanwhile, Indonesia is also actually has a number of other golden opportunities to score. In the 65th minute, Indonesia had the opportunity to perform a free kick. Wanggai kick off the ball with his left foot thunderbolt from the fort and past the row of Singapore. Unfortunately, the direction of the ball by goalkeeper Mohamad Izwan legible and brushed.
In the 64th minute, Diego Michiels also has a golden opportunity after successfully dribble from right side up in front of goal. Unfortunately, the movement is locked by two Singapore defenders and the ball is taken off too weak and rolling away.
Despite playing with ten players, Singapore's national team has a strong defense in the second round and can lock the movement of a number of players ahead of Indonesia, such as Wanggai, Tibo, Oktovianus Maniani, and Andik Vermansyah, who came on for Ferdinand Sinaga in the second round.
With this victory, Indonesia leads the Group A standings for a while with six points, two points ahead of Malaysia in second place.

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