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Saturday, December 3, 2011

AC Milan Capolista

Last night victory over Genoa make AC Milan for a while was in Capolista, one point ahead of Juventus. Milan coach Massimiliano Allegri, grateful for it.

"We'll be at the top for two days and possibly Juventus will take over again. But most important, we can win in a difficult stadium conquered," Allegri said referring to the record without losing Genoa since last April.

In the game, Milan could have won more than two goals. Moreover Genoa to play with 10 players from Milan scored the first goal through the white point.

Unfortunately, some as wasted opportunity. The most obvious is when Robinho waste the opportunity, which in essence can be converted into goals. However, Allegri defending it.

"When the superior one goal, five minutes we got depressed. The second goal it is necessary to secure the situation," said Allegri. "Robinho played well in this match. He contributed to the process of creating the first goal. Problem failures, it is common in football."

Problem chance to win the title, Allegri did not want to brag too. According to him, his team already look slick but need some improvements in terms of controlling the game.

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