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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Andik Vermansyah

Andik Vermansyah responded positively to the discourse that mention him sought a number of European clubs. Among them two Italian clubs, Novara who competed in Serie A and Reggina in Serie B, and two of the Portuguese club, Benfica - Porto.

"If the offer is true, they have to pay me with a very large salary. value is above my contact with Persebaya. "Andik Vermanyah said.

"That's because the cost of living there and must ensure the financial condition of families in Indonesia," he continued.

However, Andik Vermansyah also asserted that if he is not too ambitious in addressing it. The reason, he was well aware if it is not easy to be realized. Moreover, the news is only known through the internet and news media in Indonesia in particular.

"All footballers, have aspirations to compete in Europe. However, not all are lucky and have the same opportunity. It may also include me. The proof, until now there has been no official approach some of the club, "said players born in Jember, 23 November 1991 was.

Novara call Andik Vermansyah name in the official club website. It was also associated with the club policy is to find players from parts of Asia. Besides Andik, actually helped the young players also referred to China, Chen Tao.

And because Andik Vermansyah still under contract in Persebaya Surabaya until 2013 while he is still needed, then Persebaya only willing to let him go on loan.

"Who Serious is FC Porto and Benfica. Our coaches wanted Andik Vermansyah to play in Portugal because he comes from there, "said the former CEO of Persebaya 1927, Saleh Mukadar.

"Persebaya wanted loan. If Andik to Novara definitely buy. Maybe we will loan to FC Porto. We are ready to pay his contract but theiy paid Andik salaries."he continued.

But before giving up 20-year-old midfielder, Saleh said Persebaya will try to find an agent to keep order during the play Andik abroad.

"We want to get an agent to keep Andik there"added Saleh Mukadar.

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