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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Barcelona Vs Santos Result

Barcelona won the FIFA Club World Cup, after beating Santos 4-0, in the final round, at the International Stadium Yokohama on Sunday (12/18/2011). Barca created goals by Lionel Messi, Xavi and Cesc Fabregas.

Both sides played open, but both had trouble with the execution to complete the attack.

The first opportunity came from Barcelona, with Lionel Messi and Thiago Silva in the 13th minute. Both their efforts foundered in the hands of goalkeeper Rafael Cabral.

Santos replied to it with a shot Ganso in the 15th minute, which misses to the left side of Barcelona's goal.

Barcelona reacts by building a new attack, which led to a goal from Lionel Messi in the 17th minute. Utilizing Xavi feedback , Messi lobbed into goalkeeper Santos.

In the 24th minute, Xavi doubled the lead of Barcelona. Goals stems from Dani Alves cross is about an opposing player. Xavi controlling the ball and fired a shot from accurately, which failed driven Rafael.

Barcelona attack that led to the execution of Cesc Fabregas. However, his shot hit the post right Santos goalkeeper.

In the 31st minute Barca responded by lowering the tempo of the game and improve control of the ball.

Santos tried to play aggressively seizing the ball, but Barcelona is able to maintain control of the ball and having no chance of meaningful, build an attack that led to Cesc Fabregas scored before halftime.

Fabregas nearly increase the benefits of his team in the 46th minute. However, this time his shot failed to produce goals due to rescue action Rafael.

Santos replied Neymar header in the 47th minute, which high to the top crossbar Barcelona.

Barcelona then lower the tempo of the game and in the 53rd minute, stealing the opportunity to attack. Effort this time led to a shot from Messi, who again did not produce a goal due to action of Rafael.

Following Andres Iniesta's shot in the 55th minute missed, Santos got the opportunity of Neymar, which can be tamed Valdes in the 57th minute.

Both sides kept trying to score a goal. However, none of the goals are created, until Messi do it in the 82nd minute. After mastering the pass Alves, Messi outwit Rafael and pass the ball into the empty goal.

Santos responded by playing more aggressively. However, Barcelona are able to maintain dominance and control of the ball although not add a goal, managed to maintain a 4-0 advantage until the long whistle sounded.

During the match, Barcelona had the ball as much as 71 percent and created nine of the 16 golden opportunities. As for Santos off three accurate shots from eight experiments.

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