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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ballack in LA Galaxy Radar

LA Galaxy return to continue the policy of recruiting veteran stars of Europe. This time, the senior players who entered the radar of the MLS champion club is a former German international captain Michael Ballack.

As quoted Tribalfootball, Wednesday (07/12/2011), 35-year midfielder who is currently defending Bayer Leverkusen, entered as a target prey Galaxy, which is looking for substitute David Beckham because the players are still reluctant to sign a contract extension that will expire at the end of this year .

For that, as a precaution, the club management Galaxy puts Ballack as players who will be hired in the summer transfer market. Ballack himself does not give confirmation about this news. However, when referring to his age who are no longer young, received the proposal Galaxy as many believe the right decision.

Back to issue Bekham contract, the player who recently visited Indonesia it does not provide answers about the future. However, with the attitude that has not signed a contract extension, Becks will likely leave the Galaxy in the winter transfer window, January.

In recent years, Beckham's rumored to be leaving the crowded club to join French club, Paris Saint Germain who kept teasing her with a tempting offer. Playing in European competition would increase the chances to steal the attention England coach Fabio Capello.

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