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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tito Vilanova is back

Good news for Barcelona camp. Assistant coach Josep Guardiola, Tito Vilanova reportedly was able to accompany the team when Barca match through El Clasico on Saturday (10/12)

Vilanova has been absent since the match Barcelona against AC Milan in the Champions League Matchday 5 at having to undergo surgical removal of the tumor. Since then, Villanova must rest to restore its condition.

However, after being cured, Villanova could have predicted back when Barcelona meet Real Madrid in El Clasico volume 1 in the BBVA League this season. Blaugrana playmaker, Xavi Hernandez became one of the enthusiastic welcome the return of Vilanova.

"The return of Tito became a pleasant thing for the team. It's the best news, and not just to fight El Clascio, but the whole competition. He always talked to us and asked us always appreciate something. He's always asking us to enjoy everything because we will not be know what will happen. Now she looks has improved. he is a positive character. This is similar to what happened to Eric Abidal, "said Xavi.

The return of Vilanova will make El Clasico match became more interesting. Because, in the Spanish Super Cup, Villanova was at odds with Madrid coach Jose Mourinho. At that Mou looks striking face Villanova during a chaotic among the players on the field.

However, Mou himself admitted that he had forgotten the incident. Since Vilanova lying in the hospital, Mou endlessly convey his sympathy, and pray for healing.

"If last year we showed solidarity for Abidal disease, certainly we will do the same thing with Tito Vilanova. He will be here (Santiago Bernabeu) on December 10 with a healthy condition. And we'll welcome him," said Mourinho.

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