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Thursday, December 22, 2011

FIFA Confirm ISL Illegal

FIFA said the competition Indonesia Super League (ISL) illegal and Indonesia only recognizes the Premier League (IPL) as an official competition in Indonesia. This is confirmed in a letter correspondence between journalists and FIFA Media Department on Wednesday (12/21/2011).

In the letter, FIFA said they had a meeting with PSSI and AFC officials to discuss the current situation in the PSSI. FIFA and AFC joint letter be sent at the end of this week. PSSI in accordance with Article 18 of the FIFA Statutes required control all of the competition and take action against such illegal ISL league.

Related to this, the Secretary PT Liga Indonesia, Tigor Shalom Boboy, assess, FIFA has gained a different understanding because FIFA only heard the explanation of the PSSI associated with ISL.

"We have a clear understanding different from that conveyed PSSI. I think the arguments presented PSSI wrong because we (PT League) have the authority as Congress mandated in Bali. The result is clear and witnessed by participants in attendance. That's what so arguments. According to Our understanding of PSSI submitted to FIFA by the fact that it is different in Bali congress, "he said.

Tigor also unwilling to comment regarding the status of ISL-called breakway league. PT Premier Indonesia considers only the FIFA letter of confirmation was only a temporary response to a complaint PSSI. While the club also has a voice and not yet represented.

"What is the basis for establishing breakeway and leagues are also unclear. It should be clear if that meant that the club is not valid or actually playing in a league that is not valid. We alone will not provide feedback about it until I got an official letter from FIFA," he said .

For that, Tigor said, PT Liga Indonesia will soon be sent a letter to FIFA as part of the club's aspirations. He hoped FIFA can produce a fair decision.

"For FIFA also do not just take a view of the PSSI only. This problem must be viewed carefully because PT League is definitely not a board appointed by PSSI, but the congress. Unlike when speaking Indonesian League Board appointed by PSSI," he said.

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