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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Kelantan FA Arrives in Surabaya

Kelantan FA finally Arrives in Surabaya, Monday (26/12/2011) evening at 18:00. Bonek done quite lively welcome, Bonek greeted their arrival, at Juanda airport.

Banner that read 'Welcome Kelantan FA To Our "City Of Heroes" Surabaya' laid at the door of international arrivals. Furthermore, a welcome song sung dozens Bonek when players went out to the bus Kelantan players.

"Selamat datang, selamat datang, Kelantan FA di Surabaya, Kotanya Bonek" that the lyrics are sung by Bonek.

One by one players of Kelantan pinned
Persebaya scarf by Bonita. Then, toward the bus that will transport them to where they were staying at the Garden Palace Hotel. It appears keeper of the National Team (national team) Malaysia, Khairul Fahmi Che Mat is at the forefront.

Fahmi smile toward the media crew who tried to perpetuate its presence through the lens of the camera. Be continued national team striker, Norshahrul Idlan Talaha and carpenters pounded imported from Lebanon, Mohammed Ghaddar.

In the midst of a group of players, look Caucasian male wearing glasses. He is the head coach of Kelantan, Peter James Butler. British coach is also a smile to the board and Bonek Persebaya.

Before getting into the bus, the former coach View events this could give a little comment about potential adversaries will face in the Unity Cup second leg on Wednesday (12/28/2011) later. "Persebaya, I know their high achievement. They also supported many of supporters. This is great preparation for our new season," said Butler.

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