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Friday, December 23, 2011

Kelantan FA Vs Persebaya Result

Kelantan FA Vs Persebaya Result is draw 1-1. Harsh game looks on the first leg titled Unity Cup friendly tournament between Kelantan FA Vs Persebaya, Friday (12/23/2011) night at the Sultan Mohammad IV Stadium, Kota Bharu

In the first round, Persebaya was suppressed by the Kelantan. For about 10 minutes early the first half, Peter Butler's team controlled the game. Persebaya not get their chance starting crossing Edi Gunawan, but failed to use Andrew Barisic. 

Got depressed, Persebaya behind mastering the game. Andik Vermansyah and Edi Gunawan speed really difficult for Kelantan FA. Both players were subjected to violations of the host.

Up to half an hour the game rolling, Persebaya still difficult to break down the Kelantan defender. Finishing off their look bad. Though as a guest team, they are surprisingly able to master the game. 

Peak tough game ensued in the 35th minute when Azizi Mat Rose got a red card. He was found to violate Amaral. Unfortunately superiority number of players could not be utilized Persebaya. finishing is no maximum for both team and first round ended with the score 0-0.

Beginning the second half, Persebaya not loosen the attack. But Kelantan who gets the first chance through Indra Putra Mahyudin. Indra lucky kick can still be anticipated well by goalkeeper Dedi Iman. Kelantan is still 'maintain' the game hard. And Andik Vermansyah still remain a target host violation.

An opportunity Andik Vermansyah obtained the 58th minute. Unfortunately the action does not end with a good individual finishing. Kick was bounced over goalkeeper Kelantan. The host who only played 10 men finally scored in the 61st minute by Indra Putra.

Utilizing the control error of Erol Iba, the ball was headed right to Indra. His kick was not able to anticipate goalkeeper Dedi Iman. Kelantan 1-0. After a lag, Miko replaces Jusmadi Ardianto. That means, there is a change strategy in which Miko was placed as a companion Andrew Barisic.

Indra Putra goal to make Kelantan FA more confident. advantage Persebaya defender mistake, striker Mohammed Ghaddar nearly breaking goal. but his shot was wide. In the 69th minute, one player Kelantan, Nik Shahrul Azim sent off. He was caught engaging in provoking Barisic. Kelantan was playing 9 people.

Somehow, in this second round, the game is not as active as Persebaya midfield in the first round.
Minimal penetration of Andik and Edi. Additionally Amaral a weak point. He was slow to come down to help the defense. But till the 75th minute, Brazilian elderly players are still maintained by the coach Divaldo Alves.

Only against nine players, Persebaya still difficult to score. Even Kelantan FA attack even better. Lebanese striker, Mohammed Ghaddar also more active threatened Persebaya goalkeeper. To improve the attack, Divaldo try to put young players, Ryan Wahyu to replace Barisic in the 78th minute.

The best opportunities come Persebaya the 84th minute through Otavio Dutra. Unfortunately header still hit the goalpost.
Finally Persebaya scored in the 85th minute by Andik Vermansyah. Through three Kelantan FA players, Andik able struck the ball and could not be stopped goalkeeper Syazwan Yusof. Score 1-1 survive until end of the game.

The second match was held on 28 December at Gelora 10 November, Surabaya. Home of Green Force.

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