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Friday, December 23, 2011

PSV canceled visit to Indonesia

Indonesia football lover desires to see PSV Eindhoven perform in Jakarta seems to have to wait much longer. Dutch club was canceled present at the beginning of 2012. Similarly press release Saujana media as promoter of the event.

Chaos that occurs in the body PSSI seems to be one cause of Saujana's reluctance to bring in PSV in January 2012. From the press release, the match clearly did not brave to bring PSV Saujana suppose some of this country's top players can not reinforce the team prepared to face PSV.

Absence of the best players it could certainly have an impact on ticket sales and the number of spectators in attendance. And, the Saujana not want to risk seeing the losses will be large.

Without intending to threaten, Saujana is also worried about the chaos that occurs in the body PSSI can cause a domino effect. They worry that some European clubs will also rejected when it gets an invitation.

Finally, the Saujana apologize to the entire human soccer homeland for the failure.

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