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Friday, December 23, 2011

Safee Sali Thinking Leave Pelita Jaya

Pelita Jaya Striker, Safee Sali, began to consider his future at Pelita Jaya. The player who is also a mainstay of the Malaysian national team is also intended to move from Pelita if the club got a sanction from the PSSI.

As reported previously, Pelita threatened with sanctions because of play in the
illegal league according to PSSI, Indonesia Super League (ISL). Not only the club, the players who are also involved in it also threatened not to be defending their respective national teams. This fact turned out to harass the mind of this 27-year-old player.

"This issue is confusing me. I'm still awaiting a decision from the PSSI and FIFA, and hopefully it will explain everything. If there are sanctions (for Pelita), then I would choose to play outside of Indonesia. I have not really decided, but I still awaiting the development of the PSSI and FIFA, if I could still play for the national team, "said Safee Sali as reported by

"They (FAM) monitor the progress here. FAM concerned with my being here because I'm a team player. Federation has always supported me to play at this club, and they saw my development here. I'm still hoping to play for the national team and I look forward to survive with Pelita Jaya, "he continued.

One of the Officials Pelita Jaya, Rahim Soekasah, can not comment much about this issue. He said still looking at Pelita Safee feel happy and that means there's no problem. "What I heard so far is just a rumor. He definitely will stay with us," said Rahim.

The same statement submitted by the Manager Pelita, Lalu Mara. "He (Safee) is our main striker. I hope it (Safee go) does not happen and I guess it will not happen because we play in official competitions. If that finally happens, we will search for a new striker," said Lalu Mara.

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