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Monday, December 5, 2011

Safee Sali Want to Join Persipura Jayapura

Persipura Jayapura is known as a strong team in football Indonesia. Three titles Indonesia Super League (ISL) and advanced to the AFC Cup quarter-finals last season to be evidence of the greatness of Boaz Solossa cs.

With the phenomenon, do not be surprised if many players who play in the Premier Indonesia is eager to strengthen the club from the land of Papua. No exception striker Pelita Jaya, Safee Sali. Although currently admitted at home, players from Malaysia that has the desire to wear a uniform Persipura someday.

"If you had to choose, I would like to play in Persipura. There sprinkled with great players. It was good to strengthen the Persipura," said Safee, when found in the Piazza Atrium, Gandaria City, Monday (5 / 12), in a soft launching ceremony Pelita Jaya .

In addition to Persipura, Safee have other options. Strengthening Persija, became one of the hidden desire for this. Even so, this time Safee stated other reasons. "Persija has a mass of fans so much. Playing with the support of tens of thousands of supporters would be a dream of all footballers," he said.

So, what about the current condition of Pelita? "It is undeniable, Pelita is a strong team at this time. The club has been put through a lot of revamping to bring a lot of good players. Regarding the fans, I see every year from many developments. Spectators who attended to the stadium began to grow," Safee end.

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