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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Barcelona Winning El Clasico at Copa Del Rey

Barcelona managed to steal a victory in the first leg quarter-finals of the Copa del Rey against Real Madrid on Wednesday (18 / 1). Thin 2-1 victory at once like a sweet gift to Josep Guardiola 41st birthday on January 18, 2012.

Beginning of the match, Madrid immediately appear pressed. When the player holding the ball Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid playing direct man-to-man marking since the opponent's defense line.

The result proved right. From a quick attack, Karim Benzema sent a sweet pass to Ronaldo. With individual action, Ronaldo
outwit Gerard Pique and sends a horizontal hard kick that failed to stop Barcelona reserve goalkeeper Jose Pinto. Santiago Bernabeu public thunderous Ronaldo welcomed the opening goal in the 11th minute.

But after winning, Madrid just loosen the pressure. Almost all the players Madrid waiting in his own defense to counterattack to Barcelona.

In the 16th minute, Barcelona almost made the score draw. Cesc Fabregas side side leads to the Alexis Sanchez. Unfortunately, Sanchez's header dish, just touch the pole.

The match started running hot. Each player from both camps that Pepe and Pique received a yellow card for a hard foul in different events. Pepe stepped foot
Sergio Busquets in the 17th minute, then Pique looks elbowed Pepe three minutes later.

Barcelona goals increasingly eager to find a counterweight. The dominance of the game kept Barcelona. Two golden opportunities to score created from the feet Lionel Messi and Andres Iniesta. However, these opportunities do not also escorted through the net.

The hosts still could not get out of Barcelona pressure. In fact, although until the first half ended to the advantage Madrid, no longer kick towards goal.

Entering the second half, Barcelona managed to steal away goals. In the 49th minute, came from a corner kick Xavi Hernandez, Carles Puyol header tore the nets of Casillas.

Madrid finally able to make a second chance at the game in the 58th minute. Hamit Altintop's cross was met header from Karim Benzema is unfortunately still the Barcelona goalposts.

Disastrous for the host is present in the 77th minute. Pushed up to the defense of Madrid, Eric Abidal received a sweet through from Messi. Without escorts, French defender was successfully conquered Casillas along the ground.

Madrid failed to reply to this lag. Score ended 2-1 to win the Barcelona. A good capital for Barcelona who host Real Madrid in the second leg at Camp Nou, 29 January.

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