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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Diego Michiels Resign From Pelita Jaya

Diego Michiels finally commented related with the termination of his contract the club from Indonesia Super League (ISL), Pelita Jaya. Located at the Century Hotel, Jakarta, Tuesday (3 / 1), Diego said that the decision was purely of itself and without any coercion from the other side. Including the PSSI, Bernhard Limbong or his agent, Ron Ravel.

"I decided to come from Holland to Indonesia Indonesia to play in the national team. The opportunity would be lost if I continue together Pelita Jaya. Therefore, I decided to get out. Related to this decision was not a person that urged me. Including Bernhard Limbong and PSSI as reported a few days ago "Said Diego.

Problems associated with the agent, Diego also said that Ravel is no longer as his agent. That is, whatever Ravel said associated contract termination is not true and no longer valid.

"I do use an agent from the Netherlands. That's when I was in Holland and still existed as the Dutch. But now I've become a citizen (Indonesian citizen) and no longer use and has an agent or manager," said Diego.

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