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Thursday, January 5, 2012

European media highlights Andik Vermansyah

Mercurial midfielder Andik Vermansyah back into the spotlight of mass media in Europe. Persebaya Players it was considered would be the player most shining throughout the year.

At least that's the view John Duerden in the article he wrote on Soccernet. Duerden is a former Tottenham Hotspur winger who actively writing in the mass media, including The Guardian and Soccernet.

In the article, Duerden said ten Asian players who could potentially be the most prospective players in mainland Asia. Andik addition, he also called Hiroshi Kiyotake from Japan, Shin Young-skirt (South Korea), Hanchao Yu (China), Fahad Al-Enezi (Kuwait), Ibrahim Ghaleb (Saudi Arabia), Pak Song Chol (North Korea), Ali Ashfaq (Maldives), Amer Shafia (Jordan), and Fareez Farhan (Singapore).

"It's attacking midfielder (Andik) small and have good skills so he called Messi Indonesia," wrote Duerden.

Andik foreign media spotlight, not only because he was playing nicely in the SEA Games XXVI, but also because he got the "gift" exchange jerseys with the LA Galaxy star, David Beckham. Although small-bodied, 20-year player is able to run fast and move swiftly. His name was associated with an offer to play in Italian Serie A club, Novara, even with AC Milan and Benfica.

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