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Monday, January 2, 2012

Heysel Tragedy

Heysel tragedy occurred on May 29, 1985 at which time it was happening the match between Liverpool and Juventus in the Champions Cup (now Champions League). Heysel Tragedy is the opaque history of British soccer in that year, because at that time English clubs were victorious-prime.

Because Heysel Tragedy, teams from England banned from playing at international level for 5 years. Heysel Tragedy originated from liverpooldian and Juventini who mock and harass each other. Then suddenly about an hour before kick off Liverpool hooligan groups through limiting entry into the Juventini. No resistance has occurred in part because this side not a group of Ultras Juventini. Juventini were trying to get away but then a tragedy occurs.

Barrier wall in the sector collapsed due to no power to withstand the burden of the people who kept trying to rush and jump over the fence. Hundreds of people hit by a falling wall. As a result of this event at least 39 people died and 600 more were injured.

Despite the tragic events that occurred with the number of victims is so large, the committee decided to continue the match. Kick off is done after the captain of both teams asked the audience to calm down. Another reason is to reduce the atmospheric unrest that began to spread.

Juventus Ultras tifosi in other parts of the stadium was going to retaliate. They tried to move towards Liverpool supporters but was prevented security forces. With the start of the match the atmosphere could begin to be controlled.

Juventus won the match itself with the final result 1-0.
Michel Platini, Juventus scored from the penalty spot after Michael Platini violated by a Liverpool player.

Victim39 soccer fans died in Heysel Tragedy, 32 Juventus supporters, four American citizens were Belgian, 2 French and an Irishman.

Heysel Tragedy A memorial was established at a cost of £ 140,000. Inaugurated exactly 20 years after the incident, May 29, 2005. Shaped sundial, the monument is decorated with rocks originating from Italy and Belgium.

A poem "Funeral Blues" by the English poet W. H. Auden complete the symbolism of grief three countries. 39 shining light for each Heysel Tragedy victim. The memorial was designed by French artist Patrick Remoux.

Quarter final Champions League 2005 to bring the two teams. The Kop, Liverpool coordinating a choreography mosaic reads "Amicizia" addressed to the Juventus supporters who packed Anfield.
It means friendship, an apology to Juventini. Some Juventini greet him, but not a few others who reject it as a helping timescales are too long friendship, 20 years after Heysel Tragedy broke out.

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