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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Josep Guardiola's birthday

Josep Guardiola's birthday was quite simple. He did not do it in a fancy hotel or restaurant. Enough in one room in the center of Ciudad Sportiva training Joan Gamper.

After the Barcelona squad training session on Thursday morning (19 / 1), Guardiola immediately invited all assistant coaches and staff to gather Barcelona. A cake decorated with candles was prepared. Before blow out candles, Guardiola thanked for their support and commitment given to it so that it can bring Barcelona won many achievements.

"You have a collection of professionals, all have important contributions to the team. Without you I'm a nobody," said Guardiola.

Implicitly Guardiola says ready to extend his contract with Barcelona. "Thanks to you I feel I have the strength to continue my job," he added.

Of course, Pep Guardiola does not just blow out the candles and distribute them to the invitation. A table full of food has also been prepared. Among them was the grilled shrimp and steak immediately make a full stomach.

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