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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Zidane Defense Pepe

Real Madrid legend Zinedine Zidane, denounced all criticism that comes to his former club after face Barcelona on Thursday (19 / 1) then. He considered all of the criticism is very unfair and too impartial Barcelona.

"I find that very unfair criticism, since the night against Barcelona and Madrid lost at that time. I do not understand everything that Barcelona system compare with (Jose) Mourinho," said Zidane

Madrid Problem error is back line, he added, "We are a team that conceded the least through the set piece. The players and coaches aware of it. Yes, it was a mistake."

Since handled by Mou, El Real is often criticized. Not only from the coaches, players and even the opposing team. Zidane is also mentioned that criticism will never disappear from football.

The most criticized players in the game is Pepe. He is accused of intentionally do not commendable action by stepping on Lionel Messi's hand intentionally. Finally, Zidane also defended the 28-year-old defender.

"Pepe is a player who almost never do something out of bounds. He was a good man and well educated. When playing in another country, he may be obsessed with victory, so make a mistake," he concluded.

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