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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Palmeiras reject Malouda

The fate of Florent Malouda in Chelsea's increasingly erratic. Desires take part in one of the Brazilian club Palmeiras was rebuffed, a club that offered services Malouda.

A FIFA players' agent, Marcos Bocatto,
smell Malouda grazing interests in Brazil. Chelsea also offer a number of clubs in Brazil to buy Malouda.

However, when offered Palmeiras, Malouda got a rejection. It was explained Palmeiras football director, Roberto Frizzo.

"Palmeiras many
offered players and one of them is Malouda. However, we were not interested. Every player has to offer, we discuss with coach Luiz Felipe Scolari. Coach says not interested. Malouda did not make our project," explains Brizzo.

Scolari was actually once worked with Malouda while still at Chelsea in 2008-09. At that time, Malouda in fact become one of the players are sufficiently reliable Scolari.

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