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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cuneyt Cakir

Controversy arose in the Manchester United Vs Real Madrid match, in connection with referee Cuneyt Cakir decision. Turkish referee's report is quite controversial, although also categorized as one of the potential young referee.

At the age of 36, Cuneyt Cakir is still fairly young. But Cuneyt Cakir is considered to have shown a very good potential in the lead.

Cuneyt Cakir has another profession as an insurance agent is currently one of the three best referees of Europe, into the category of "elite referees' League, and have a great opportunity for the selected referee the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

In his home country, as the referee Cuneyt Cakir firmness also highly regarded by the Turkish Football Federation. Recognition of the Cuneyt Cakir potential visible from a number of opportunities given to him to judge the game match Super League, including those involving Besiktas, Fenerbahce and Galatasaray.

However, some are not like his style. "Most fans do not like it. They think his attitude is different in the
European match and Super League match. For that reason they do not like it," Efe Yilmaz claims from Eurosport.

In addition, it is also mentioned that Cuneyt Cakir lead in a match often result many card. One is when he lead Europa League match between Manchester City counter Dinamo Kiev on March 17, 2011, which gave eight yellow cards for two clubs players and one red card for Mario Balotelli.

Its latest, the second leg round of 16 Champions League between Manchester United versus Madrid at Old Trafford on Wednesday (06/03/2013), Cuneyt Cakir is involved in another controversy when give red card to Nani.

Before the match that made MU was knocked out of the Champions League, Cakir was also said to be in another controversy after he did not give a penalty in domestic matches between Akhisar vs Elazigspor. The match was reportedly stopped a few minutes after fans protested the Cuneyt Cakir decision.

Regardless, Cuneyt Cakir now surely be the talk of the center, either because of its potential as a referee, or because of the controversy involving him.

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