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Friday, January 20, 2012

Pepe Apologizes To Messi

After the incident grind his foot against Lionel Messi started a public debate, Real Madrid defender Pepe finally go to vote. With a big heart, Pepe who say an apology to Messi for his behavior.

As is known, Pepe television cameras caught he stepped on Messi arm when Madrid duel contra Barcelona at the Santiago Bernabeu. In the match first leg quarter-finals of the Copa Del Rey, Madrid should recognize the benefits of his rival by a score of 1-2.

After the game, a lot of criticism flowing towards Pepe. Even Premier League players like Wayne Rooney, Jack Wilshere and Tom Cleverley, too, condemned the behavior of Pepe.

Do not want his name becoming worse, Pepe was openly apologize to Messi. However, he admitted what he did was unintentional.

"I want to say, the incident yesterday with Leo Messi is not accidental. But I want to apologize to him if he was offended. What I did was an effort to defend the team and the institution. With all my heart and soul, and mind to
harm had never occurred to my mind, "said Pepe to Real Madrid's official website.

Although already apologized, does not mean that Pepe would avoid further problems. The Barcelona players have demanded that the Disciplinary Commission RFEFE follow-up event, and giving punishment to Pepe if convicted.

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