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Monday, January 2, 2012

Safee Sali asked to leave ISL

Malaysian Sports Minister Seri Shabery Cheek asked striker Pelita Jaya from Malaysia, Safee Sali, immediately left the competition Indonesia Super League (ISL) in order to avoid sanctions the World Football Federation (FIFA). Safee asked to play in official competitions under the auspices of the All Indonesia Football Association.

"We have met
Malaysia Minister and discussed about Safee. He (Seri Shabery Cheek) Safee asked to play in official competitions of FIFA recognized, which is being rolled PSSI competition," said Director of Legal PSSI Finantha Rudy. "Otherwise, he can not strengthen the Malaysian national team."

Meeting with the Malaysian Sports Minister, said Rudy, took place in Surabaya when the Unity Cup between Persebaya Surabaya against clubs from Malaysia, Kelantan FA, December 28, 2011. The meeting was attended by Indonesia Minister of Youth and Sports Andi Mallarangeng and National Team Coordinator Bob Hippy.

During the meeting, said Rudy, Shabery said it would ask Safee not play in the Super League so he can still strengthen the Malaysian national team. Therefore, the player who insisted on competing in the Super League threatened could strengthen their national team. This provision is a direct threat from FIFA.

PSSI, Rudy continued, giving time to Safee and the players and the club's Super League to return to the PSSI January 6. If until the deadline is still insisting they play in Super League, "We will report to the Ministry of Labor and the Immigration for a visa (Safee and foreign players who played in Super League) may be revoked," he said.

In addition PSSI will also send the names of players and their Super League club to FIFA by mail. FIFA will be giving sanction to the names and clubs that reported it. "If until January 6, they do not want to go back to the PSSI, we must send a letter," he said.

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