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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Suarez suggested Apologize To Evra

Luis Suarez has received eight times match ban and a fine of 40 thousand pounds for his actions are considered racist to Patrice Evra.

Responding to a fairly heavy penalty, one of the commission in
English Football Association, explain why. As the head of the commission, Paul Golding, Suarez found guilty of anything when you see evidence of linguists.

The word "negro" says Suarez is commonly used in Latin America, where he lived. However, Suarez considered to say the word "negro" to Evra in a tone offensive. Moreover, Suarez kept saying the word "negro" as much as seven times within two minutes of conversation with Evra.

Golding has asked for a better stronghold of Liverpool not appeal the case of Suarez. One thing that is needed is to apologize to Evra. Moreover, in early November, Suarez never expressed one between him and Evra must have the courage to apologize if proven wrong.

"Now we'll see how it's decided. Then, we'll know things are clear. When someone makes a mistake, we expect there to apologize," said Golding.

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