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Friday, January 20, 2012

Tennis player Responses about Marcos Baghdatis action

Four racket was destroyed Marcos Baghdatis in a short time at a match the Australian Open. His actions not only reap the penalties and interest on the video sharing site Youtube, but also comments from fellow players.

Not appear as desired when faced Stanislas Wawrinka in the Margaret Court Arena in the second round match Australian Open on Wednesday (1/18/2012), make Baghdatis anger exploded.

After losing in two sets early, Baghdatis, who was sitting courtside suddenly hit his racquet. The first racket was broken, he was not satisfied and further destroy second, third, and fourth

The act of destroying four rackets, although his racket itself, called Reuters will give fine of 1250 dollars  from the authorities.

In addition, the surge of anger Baghdatis also became popular after several scattered video on Youtube, with the number of hits that spelled out "well" - Reuters calling the numbers 200 thousand hits.

Marcos Baghdatis of action and then commented on a number of his fellow players. 

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

"Sometimes you are angry and hard to control your self but my dad always told me, 'If you break your racket, I'll broke you'. So I do not want to rough with the racquet."

Novak Djokovic

"I have not seen it. I have not heard it. Now I want to look for it on Youtube to see."
"Now I do not do that (destroying rackets), which is a good thing for my coach. But when I slammed his racket, destroying it, after that I usually feel relieved. I feel the pressure is gone. But I also felt a little embarrassed. So I tried to keep just take it easy. "

Maria Sharapova

"I'm not surprised he was damaging the racquet. Personally I have not much to destroy a lot of racket in my career. Can not remember well what ever do in a match. (I) Ever destroyed it two times in practice. Um, but maybe it feels good. I mean, well, remove it all (emotion), I think so. "

Ana Ivanovic

"Sometimes I also slammed his racket. The last time I slammed his racket is not that much, but I destroyed three racquets. I think it happened in the 2009 U.S. Open. I lost the game after almost up to the match point. I was pretty upset (but) the action It does not make me feel better, so I decided, 'What's the point?' ".

Serena Williams

"I've never done (destroying four rackets at once). Wow, that's impressive. I was actually often create a lot broken racket on the tennis court. I sometimes do it while exercising, just no longer in the game."

"I think when you're young, how it might make a little frustration channeled. It's just a way to express yourself. I can not say that you should not do it because in fact many often do. But it's definitely not a best way to vent anger  . I think the more mature, you will realize that there are many other ways. "

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