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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

testimonial match martin palermo

Martin Palermo has decided to retire from football world in June last year. However, until now the player with the nickname El Loco or Mad had not held a farewell game for fans of Boca Juniors.

In the end, the moment is determined. Palermo will undergo testimonials him on 4 February at La Bombonera Stadium, home of Boca.

"I see a lot of players who retired in Boca does not hold a farewell match. I do not want to be like that," Palermo reasoned.

What amazed him more, the game will live Argentina legend, Diego Maradona, will participate. The presence of Maradona, who is also a former Boca legend makes Palermo excited.

"Certainty Maradona joined a surprise. In fact, a player as good as Maradona will attend the match," said Palermo.

Maradona In addition, several former players such as Roberto Abbondanzieri Boca, Diego Cagna, Oscar Cordoba, Jorge Bermudez or Mauricio Serna, also confirmed to take part. But unfortunately, Lionel Messi, Sergio Aguero, and former Boca player, Daniel Diaz, Fernando Gago and Rodrigo Palacio are also invited to failed frustrated because busy competition in Europe.

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