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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Van Persie met Maradona

A rare opportunity get Robin van Persie while vacationing with his family in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. On Saturday (7 / 1) and then, Van Persie was finally able to realize a childhood dream, namely to meet his idol, Diego Maradona.

Incidentally, at this time Maradona was settled in the UAE because it served as one of the clubs there, Al Wasl. And vacation opportunities in Dubai was utilized Van Persie to meet his idol is.

"I've always admired Maradona since childhood," said Van Persie. "He's one of the best players of all time. Therefore, visited Dubai was not complete before the face to face with him."

Although different generation, Maradona did not hesitate to admit the quality of Van Persie. According to him, the Arsenal striker is a blend great player and interesting person.

"Van Persie is not just a star player, he has the charm of an idol that makes me really respect. He's extraordinary talent, combined with a humble personality. It makes him become worthy role model for all players," said Maradona.

Van Persie was still given a longer vacation time for the FA Cup match against Leeds United, manager Arsene Wenger will rest him. Wenger is likely to provide opportunities legendary Arsenal striker, Thierry Henry started comebacknya the game tonight.

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