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Friday, March 23, 2012

Rooney Breaking Hand 9 year old boy

Accidentally broke the wrist of a nine-year-old boy, Manchester United striker, Wayne Rooney apologized.

Rooney accidentally broke the wrist of a boy named Jamie Thomas just before convening a match between his team against Wolverhampton Wanderers.

At the time of heating, Wayne Rooney kicking a ball spewed at him. The boy then tried to shield his face with his hands. As a result, Jamie broken wrist due to parry the ball.

That certainly makes
Rooney feel so guilty. He was later formally apologized via his Twitter account and send the shirt contains the signature to Jamie.

"I want to apologize to Jamie Thomas. I've written a letter of apology and send me a T-shirt containing the signatures to his house," wrote Roo.

After the incident,
Jamie and his father continued to sit and watch the match. Jamie felt that his hands were bruised.

However, he felt a pain in the wrist and the father then took him to the clinic at the stadium at halftime of the first half. Doctor who was at the clinic then took Jamie to the hospital.

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