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Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Most Fanatic Supporters In The World

Based on the search of a Sports Marketing Firm based in the UK, Initiative Futures Sport + Entertainment, there is 10 The Most Fanatic Supporters In The World. From the list that was released in 2012, Indonesia entered in the top three in the world after Britain and Argentina.

Here's a list of 10 The Most Fanatic Supporters In The World of Sports Marketing Firm English version of Initiative Futures Sport + Entertainment:

1. English 

No doubt, English fans are the most fanatical in the world. The fans constantly singing the anthem of their team throughout the 90 minutes to support their team. Even in developed countries, also known English hooligans as the most fanatical supporters. It's hooligan also not afraid to make a riots in other countries. their loyalty is unquestioned. The average density of the stadium could reach 99%. And strong support base in the UK is Liverpool and Manchester United.


Argentina fans loyalty in support of their idol's team no doubt. The fans are considered the victory of the team as a fixed price. So no wonder they are always totally in support of their team to victory. In Argentina is also a lot of fights between supporters of that cause fatalities. The average level density of the stadium could reach 97%. Fanatical supporter base is River Plate and Boca Juniors.

3. Indonesia 

In the Indonesia previous position are in a 3 position, and in 2012, Indonesia still does not shift. Indonesia is one of the deadliest fighting between supporters in league football. This exaggerated sense of fanaticism that sometimes it has a negative impact. Even Franz Beckenbauer to be surprised after seeing the video brawl supporters Indonesia. He said that Indonesia is one country that has tloyal supporters. And it is evidenced by the high average density of the stadium in Indonesia that can reach 96%. Indonesia is a fanatical supporter base Arema, Persebaya, Persib, Persija, PSIS, and Persipura.

4. Brazil 

State known as the supplier of the greatest soccer player in the world is one country that has a fanatical football fans. There have been countless lives lost due to fighting between supporters in the Brazilian league. Brazilian fans are known to be loyal to the team. The average density of the stadium could even reach 93%. Fanatical supporter base is Sao Paolo FC.

5. Italy 
In Italy, the supporters of bigotry is very high. And almost every club has tremendous support in the (ultras), which usually provide full support for the team. The average density reaches 93% stadium fanatic supporters are Roma, Juventus and Milan and Inter Milan.

6. Mexico 

It's one of the great football nations of the Americas are known to have many fanatical supporters. The way they show their fanatical, are they always reveal their Mexican identity in favor of their favorite football team. The average density reaches 90% stadium. fanatical supporter base is Chivas Guadalajara.

7. Netherlands

Total Football' is shown by the Netherlands also supports balanced with support from the Dutch football supporters. This is evidenced by the average density reaches 89% of the stadium. And the base is a fanatical supporter of Ajax.

8. SpainAs one of the three major European football nations, the Spanish have a strong and good quality, high competition between teams is also an increasing impact on the loyalty of the supporters of the team. The average density of the stadium in Spain reaches 87%. The most fanatical supporters are in Valencia, Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, and Atletico Madrid.

9. Japan 

Because of its success in organizing the 2002 World Cup, public interest in the game of football in Japan rose sharply. Evidenced by the increase in the average density of the stadium from 80% to 86.6%. The supporters of  most Fanatic team Gamba Osaka. They are known as advocates who dare to die for supporting super Gamba.

10. German 

One country with an advanced football has a lot of fans are very fanatical. Many fans are willing to adventure around the country to follow the tour Germany only seasonal team their idol. Their loyalty level is very high, even a percentage of the average density of the stadium could reach 85%. Germany is a fanatical supporter base Bayern Munich and Hertha Berlin.

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