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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Supporters Criticizing Malaysia National Team

After losing their first match versus Singapore, Malaysia national team get under the spotlight, both in the local media or fans. Coach K. Rajagobal also be subject to a storm of criticism.

When the 'Tiger of Malaya' behind 0-3 from Singapore, Malaysia fans began to chant voice for Rajagobal. Not chant support because they sang was "What You Make, Rajagobal?"

The next day, the local media was busy criticizing. Naturally, because four match before AFF Cup,
Malaysia was not won. A media even wrote a harsh headline: "How sad!"

When asked about this spotlight, Rajagobal said firmly. He not to give up. The 56 year-old believes his side can still rise.

Questioning the support of fans, he gives examples of supporters of Indonesia two years ago. In AFF Cup 2010, Indonesia lost 0-3 at Malaysia. However, upon his return to Jakarta, the support received Indonesia team still crowded.

"You look at Indonesia. They had lost 0-3 when playing here. However, fans have continued to support them. When play there, the stadium still crowded. When they got to the airport, there are thousands of people are also welcome," he said in Kuala Lumpur , Tuesday (11/27/2012).

Malaysia will face Laos, on Wednesday (11/28/2012). Victory is obligatory for them. On the other hand, Laos was optimistic. They're ready to perform 110% against Malaysia.

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