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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Chelsea Fans Refuse Benitez

Rafael Benitez received bad from Chelsea supporters. Chelsea supporters will continue shout taunts to Chelsea's manager, Rafael Benitez until the end of the season.

Previous shouting taunts and rejection to Benitez heard when he assisted Chelsea in a match against Manchester City on Sunday (25/11).

"We want this club authority to realize that we do not want him," said the leader of the Chelsea fans, Trizia Fiorellino.

Chelsea management selected Benitez to replace Roberto Di Matteo shortly after Chelsea lost to Juventus in Champions League group stage.

But when Chelsea face City Benitez to be satisfied with a draw and have not been able to attract the hearts of chelsea fans.

Former Liverpool manager had previously said he wanted to change the perception of Chelsea supporters through victory.

Controversial comments

"Benitez is not popular and I think he will not be popular until finished with this club," said Fiorellino.He also said it did not agree with the change of manager at the club.

as if the management and the owners of the club would like to send a message to us and said that we were at the club and you will not be issuing any opinion."

When he became Liverpool manager Benitez had several times issued vitriol against Chelsea one of which he had pointed forward Didier Drogba is a player who often do diving in the face of his team.

This is what makes Chelsea supporters hurt. David Johnstone said to improve the relationship with
Chelsea fans, Benitez have to explain the context of his words on Drogba.

He also considered acceptance Benitez in Chelsea exacerbated by comments that say that free a number of senior players such as Frank Lampard and Ashley Cole may soon be leaving the club.

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