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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hidayet Turkoglu Doping

Hidayet "Hedo" Turkoglu was not allowed to play up to 20 games for his team, the Orlando Magic, in the NBA after he tested positive in a doping test.

The sentence was handed down after Turkoglu tested positive eating
Methenolone, which includes substances anabolic steroids. He will begin serving his sentence when the Magic host the Atlanta Hawks, Wednesday (02/20/2013).

Turkoglu itself has declared himself fully responsible for the test results and apologize to the NBA, Magic, fans, and his teammates.

Players born in Turkey 33 years ago was admitted taking medical drugs from his coach in the summer, in order to recover from a shoulder injury. He was careless for forgetting to check whether the drugs were included in the list of banned substances in the NBA.

"As a player, this is the worst situation. I'm sorry I made ​​this organization to be in this situation ... I should double check and perform research, and should not be in this situation," Turkoglu said on ESPN.

He became the eighth player who is convicted of any drugs to improve performance under the NBA drug testing policy.

Turkoglu also became the second player from Magic that banned with that policy in a period of four years. Earlier, in 2009, there was a former Magic forward Rashard Lewis, who was banned for 10 matches.

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