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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hotel Le Bristol, Beckham Residence In Paris

Where does David Beckham stay at playing for Paris Saint Germain (PSG)? Launch by Daily Mail, Beckham apparently staying in a hotel with a rental fee 14,500 pounds /night.

Beckham occupies the largest and most luxurious room at Hotel Le Bristol, the hotel where Beckham stayed for five months living in Paris. An Imperial Suite area of ​​3475 square meters with
all luxury facilities. As reported by ESPN, Beckham already get a discount for staying at the Hotel Le Bristol.

PSG give shelter allowances for Beckham by 26,000 pounds a month.
Beckham did not seem concerned if have to pay more, for stay at Le Bristol. As reported earlier, the 37-year-old player will not receive a salary during play for PSG. Beckham had made up his intention to donate his income to poor children in Paris.

PSG also do not have to worry about Beckham diet during their stay at the hotel. Because Beckham will be serviced by a world-renowned chef, Eric Frechon, 2009 Best Chef ,
Le Chef magazine version.

The latest news, some others PSG star jealous to
Beckham. How not, a few PSG players staying at the InterContinental Hotel with the highest rents per night "only" 3200 pounds.

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