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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Late goal Joe Cole

Midfielder Joe Cole scored in injury time that made Liverpool a 2-1 win over Bolton Wanderes, the Premier League match, at Anfield on Saturday (01/01/2011). Liverpool now sit in ninth position with 25 points.

Playing at home, Liverpool did not have trouble dominating the game. Unfortunately, they are having trouble finishing.

In the 18th minute, for example, Fernando Torres and Maxi Rodriguez fired alternately. While Jussi Jaaskelainen blocked the execution Torres, Maxi shot missed.

Liverpool's chances streak at minute 25, through Martin Skrtel and Glen Johnson. However, both these businesses are also raw in the hands of Jaaskelainen.

Bolton himself rather than not give the resistance and the threat altogether. However, just like Liverpool, they were also troubled by the final settlement.

In minute 21, and to-31. for example, Matthew Taylor and Substance Knight alternately opened fire. However, none of the leads right into the goalkeeper Pepe Reina.

The impasse finally broke out, when in the 43rd minute, Kevin Davies managed to gore bait Matthew Taylor from the middle of the penalty box, enter Reina's goal.

At the time remaining, Liverpool tried to catch up. however, until the long whistle sounded, the scoreboard continued to show the numbers 0-1.

Entering the second half, Liverpool took the initiative to carry out attacks. After trying until the 49th minute, they managed to equalize, thanks to goals from Fernando Torres, Steven Gerrard who use bait.

After that, the Reds can improve their game. Aside from being able to dictate the game opponents, they also improve the accuracy of the feed and shot. However, Jaaskelainen to make repairs that seemed meaningless.
In the 66th minute, for example, Maxi and Gerrard alternately fired accurately into the goal for the visitors. However, the two efforts were thwarted Jaaskelainen.

Two minutes later, Torres, David Ngog, and Gerrard's goal alternately threatened Bolton. However, while the execution Ngog and Jaaskelainen blocked Torres, Gerrard missed execution.

Bolton himself had also tried to reply to Liverpool's attack. In the 66th minute and 78th, for example, Matthew Taylor and Mark Davis took turns to execution. While Taylor's shot missed, the execution could be arrested Reina Davies.

Such a situation continues without a solution, until the injury time, Joe Cole broke into the visitors' goal. Mastering the ball in the penalty box, he fired the ball into the middle of Jaaskelainen's goal. Long whistle followed shortly after the goal.

Over 90 minutes, Liverpool had the ball as much as 63 percent and created five golden opportunity from 26 businesses. Meanwhile, Bolton release four accurate shots from 15 experiments.

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