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Sunday, January 2, 2011

No Special Squads for Rossi at Ducati

Ducati MotoGP team said that if it did not want to make a "clone" such as Valentino Rossi's Yamaha with a presence along with his crew. That is, Rossi created their own squad and its crew bawannya. This is confirmed boss Vittoriano Guareschi Ducati MotoGP team to the Gazzetta dello Sport (1/1/2011).

Guareschi Ducati admits that want to benefit from Rossi and his crew Jerry Burgess are already successful in the two teams (Honda and Yamaha). And Burgess, he says very pleased with the basic potential of the Desmosedici GP 11 is a mainstay pebalapnya this season.

"Jerry gave me ease your mind and say, we just need to fix the motor, not memngubahnya like the Yamaha," commented Guareschi.

About Rossi with Ducati diValencia appearance is less good, according to Guareschi, as reported to him bhawa Jerry fault is not on the motor. However, Rossi was still recovering sedera on the shoulder. In fact, Rossi has provided considerable input to the development of this motor in 2011.

Rossi on the Ducati's presence has been to excite the team. Seeperti expressed boss Filippo nPreziosi Ducati sport that the team was directed to work quickly, if Rossi feels something is missing on the bike.

"We've tried to create conditions in which we are ready to design in the shortest possible time, particularly if only part that can make a better motor performance," says Preziosi.

Currently Ducati, he said, not just pick a fast rider, he can give the proper indication for the development of the motor.

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