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Thursday, January 13, 2011

LeBron denies condemns former club

LeBron James denies his comments on his Twitter account is a form of resentment against his former club, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

James was accused of "menyukuri" Cleveland Cavaliers are now slumped at the bottom of the NBA standings and have just beaten by a landslide 57-112 defending champion Los Angeles Lakers. Comments tilted James in Twitter be addressed to the Cavaliers and his owner, Dan Gilbert.

"Crazy," twit James. "It's a karma, which is always about you. Do not ever expect something bad happening to someone else." The writings of James is considered to be directed to the Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert is always bad comments since moving James to the Miami Heat in July.

After LeBron decided to resign last July, Gilbert wrote an open letter to fans of the Cavaliers and hoping bad luck will be with a former star in the new club. "James will always deal with bad karma."

But LeBron James has denied all of his comments addressed to Gilbert or Cavaliers. He said all of that is addressed to someone else. "This shows my feelings at that time. The message is not even from me. That's the message from someone else and I spend."

Whopping 55 points from the Lakers beat the players are very Cavaliers. "How embarrassing. I do not even want to go home to Cleveland," wrote the forward Cavs, Mo Williams on his twitter.

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