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Friday, January 14, 2011

Eva Remove Wedding Tattoos with Parker

Eva Longoria really want to forget her memories with professional pebasket Tony Parker. Latest Appearances 35-year-old actress was giving evidence that he is trying to eliminate all traces of her ex-husband is. He wanted to start something new without the "presence" Parker.

When attending the birthday party invitations actor Jeremy Renner in Los Angeles over the weekend, no more tattoos on the wrist Longoria, who told of the date of his marriage to Parker. Whereas before, in the right wrist was Desperate Housewives star 7/07/07 lettering in Roman numerals, which is the date, month and year of establishment of domestic ship them.

Apparently, Longoria has been very hurt by act of Parker, who divorced in November last year. Although they had caught pascaperceraian appear in intimate meal together, but Longoria apparently did not want to live together again.

However, Longoria refused to comment why he is full of memories to remove the tattoo. He just gave a statement via Twitter about the wrist that already look clean, when he waved a hand.

"Just so everyone knows that I still have all my tattoo!" write Longoria. "No one moved even though I always try to add a tattoo!"

Since getting married three years ago, hardly any storms in the Parker-Longoria household. However, in November, like a bomb that exploded, suddenly heard the news that a divorce Longoria star San Antonio Spurs basketball team the 28-year-old, who considered doing an affair with the wife of former teammate, Brent Barry. Longoria find hundreds of short messages on mobile phones pitched intimate Parker from the mistress.

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