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Sunday, February 6, 2011

These NBA players Girlfriend are reluctant Nude Again

Kim Kardashian tears. NBA pebasket lover Kris Humphries could not stop crying this remorse after seeing pictures of her naked in the magazine W. This beautiful socialite also vowed, would not be open-aperture again.

Pledge of Kim's certainly not pleasant news for those men, who likes staring at her loveliness. Some think, Kardashian just acting for the sake of popularity just when to cry and expressed regret.

This sexy model in tears when the reality show "Kourtney & Kim Take New York" earlier this week, exactly a month after the issue of W magazine exclusive photos of nude on the cover, and also some pages in the magazine.

"I was naked at the time. But, he says, my body will be covered with silver paint," he recalled shooting by Mark Seliger, quoted by the Hollywood Reporter.

"The photographer was also promised to put me among the various futuristic buildings. I, he said, will be at the top of the building. So, I have polished silver, will become part of the building, and not so naked object that shows the vital, "Kim said.

While sobbing, she was then confide in his brother, Kourtney. He admitted, how much he regretted the shooting scene was stupid.

"I am much more naked than when in Playboy magazine (in 2007). It's really crazy. This is really a product of porn," she said hysterically.

Half wail, Kim was then said: "In fact, they promised to wrap this picture so a work of art. They promised there would be no vital part in sight. But now, I really feel cheated, feel exploited."

Kim felt, self-image as an elegant woman with classy taste that had been built, so falling apart because of these photos are judged obscene. "I feel so thrown away. I am not a porn actress. I classy woman, so far I always keep my image and professionalism as an aspiring female high-flavor," he said.

In the end, nice-looking model who wanted to have children of Humphries was also declared his determination. "I'm not going to undress again for any photo shoot. I'm not going naked again even for Vogue magazine," he said.

W magazine party itself insisted that they've been doing photography professionally, and in accordance with the agreements. In a press release, they said naked photo was taken with Kim's artistic spirit, and produce works of art are far from vulgar.

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