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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Can Stoner at the Circuit "Worst"?

Casey Stoner appeared very strong in his debut with the team in the series opener Repsol Honda MotoGP 2011 in Losail Circuit, Qatar, 20 March. Is this weekend in Jerez, Spain, Australia rider is back reaping the brilliant?

Wait a minute! Talk about motorcycles, we need not doubt about the strength and capabilities of the Honda engine mount. However, talk to record at the Jerez circuit, Stoner's achievement was not too good, fairly even worst than the other circuits because he's just one podium finishes in the top three MotoGP-2009-from nine appearances at Jerez for all grand prix classes.

Not only in Jerez, Stoner also had a poor record in the Le Mans Circuit, France, because he's also just one podium finishes third, from a total of nine times a race there.

Now, with a bad record, the interesting to see how the 2007 world pursuit champion on the race on Sunday (3/4/11). Can she compete with the two host driver, the team mate Dani Pedrosa and world champion Jorge Lorenzo (Yamaha)?

Last year, Lorenzo and Pedrosa appear dominant in this circuit, where they finish in positions 1-2. At that time, which is still riding a Ducati Stoner had to settle for finishing in the top five positions. If this season Stoner was able to make a surprise and managed to repeat such a fantastic victory in Qatar, it is of course a blow to the Spanish duo.

"In recent years, I did not get a good result at Jerez during the race because I was not too fast," said Stoner.
"After a good start this season, we had the opportunity to improve the positive results at the weekend. The competition has just begun, and we still have to work hard."

The first free practice at Jerez will take place on Friday at 10:10 to 10:55 local time or 15:10 to 15:55 am, followed by a second free practice at 14:10 to 14:55 (19:10 to 19:55 GMT). The third free practice will take place on Saturday (2/4/11) at 10:10 to 10:55 or 15:10 to 15:55 pm, and qualifying at 3:55 p.m. to 2:55 p.m. (18.55-19-55 GMT). Races will take place on Sunday at 14:00 (19:00 GMT).

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