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Friday, March 4, 2011

Hatton-Pacman Grab Belt Used Alvarez

British boxer Matthew Hatton and Mexican boxer Saul Alvarez equally optimistic ahead of the duel will take place on Saturday (5/3/11) or local time Sunday (6/3/11) morning GMT. They will fight for the super welterweight title fight, which left by the Philippine superstar, Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao.

"Opportunity means nothing if not taken," said Hatton, who is also the younger brother of Ricky Hatton, a former world champion in two different classes are now switched professions to become a promoter.
"I've prepared myself well, train harder than usual, and really ready to win," he added.

"Look, I'll beat Alvarez later," said 29-year-old boxer who has a 41-4-2 record with 16 knockouts, and is now eyeing his world champion's first title in his career.

Super welterweight championship belt into a no man's land after Pacquiao chose not to defend it. This is forcing officials to seek immediate stakeholders WBC title vacant classrooms to hold the match between Hatton vs. Alvarez.

"I am very motivated and confident, and I'm sure the fight will be a great battle and I am 100 percent that will come out as the winner later on," Hatton said excitedly.

If the British boxer it really could be a winner, then he became the first person who can beat boxer sensational Mexican Alvarez, who recorded a 35-0 record with one series and 26 knockouts.

"I'm always ready, as usual," said Alvarez, Thursday, at Honda Center Anaheim, a city in south Los Angeles who is also famous for its Disneyland.

"Obviously the game will be tough and hard, but I will show my greatness to everyone in the ring. It's tough fighter but Hatton is champion belt that will go with me to Mexico," said Alvarez.

The only stain on Alvarez's record was when he had mangakhiri battle with a draw against compatriot Jorge Juarez boxer in a fight four rounds in 2006. But after that, he always wins in 31 the next battle.

Latest record is at the end of last December where he won the absolute number of Australian boxer Lovemore N'dou.

While Hatton is unbeaten in nine battles since September 2008. The only result of the series in the record is his record as against N'dou in 2009.

In the most recent fight Hatton to KO Roberto Belge of Switzerland in third round at Bolton, last November, in an attempt to defend the title as the European welterweight champion.

When asked about the chances of his brother in a fight that Ricky Hatton confirmed that "Matthew is a great fighter."

"This is the first fight at welterweight world, but see how he prepares himself, I'm sure he's ready for this fight," said Hatton added.

"It is in this fight he is the underdog but he is made of 'herb' is the same with me, and we are not here to seek fortune, but to grab the belt," said Hatton, who had dikanvaskan by Pacquiao.

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