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Friday, March 11, 2011

Hot UK model, dating Two Tyson

British glamor model, Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace, is fond of boxers, rather more with the boxer who got the name Tyson. Had serious touch with former world heavyweight boxing champion, Mike Tyson, now he is reportedly dating British heavyweight boxing champion who is on the rise, Tyson Fury.

His relationship with Mike Tyson occurred in 2008. Sexy women who are also designers, magazine columnist, and television actress makes lovelorn sangar boxer nicknamed "The Neck Concrete" is.

At that time, Tyson often deliberately flew to London for the sake of her lover visited. In the eyes of Aisleyne, boxer ever biting Evander Holyfield's ear until the break was described as "tame cat" and a gentleman. Their relationship ended in January 2009, when Tyson was proposed, and Aisleyne, surprisingly, reject.

Now, this blonde-haired woman had a new gebetan, Tyson Fury. Tyson is a British boxer who was much talked about and staying digadang as a potential world heavyweight champion from England. The Bloody Irish, he had 15 times the ring, never lost, and posted a record 10 times knockdown.

22 years old, Tyson Fury does have all the requirements to become world champion. Body proportional to the height of 2.06 meters and have a stock base of good amateur boxer.

It seems to realize true potential by Aisleyne. He also intensively approached Tyson "new" since late last year. Performed a variety of ways, ranging from the mouth of the media commented borrow up to watch the game live.

In fact, in early January, she deliberately sat at the front when Tyson Fury fight against Marcelo Luiz Nascimento. As expected, Tyson managed to beat down his opponent in the fifth round.

After the match, Aisleyne go into the dressing room to congratulate Tyson Fury at once acquainted. After that, like a spokesperson, who is also famous for beautiful women with the poses "hot", told the press that the boxer did have a history that is very inspiring.

"He was born premature in a state of helpless weak and sickly. The father, who is also a former boxer, Tyson gave her name to be as strong as Mike Tyson. And it's a reality now," he said, at the time.

"Tyson has a great potential to be a great boxer. He had a fiery spirit, never fear, good technique, and deadly blows like Mike Tyson.

"I am very happy if one day there'll be a bloody Irish boxer who could become world boxing champion, especially if it got the name of Tyson's boxing," says Aisleyne again, promoting incarannya.

From mere acquaintance, and praise, Aisleyne relationship with Tyson Fury is now rumored to have gone further. Aisleyne itself as if on purpose to give a signal in that direction.

"I've been going out with the real Tyson. And I could just take me out with this Tyson (Tyson Fury)," he said, in an opportunity quoted by The Sun.

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