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Monday, February 14, 2011

Laila Ali Like Women

Laila Ali, a woman boxer who is also daughter of boxing legend Muhammad Ali, confessed hope will give birth to a baby girl soon.

Laila has had a son, Curtis Jr., from his marriage to Curtis Conway. He admitted very happy with the current family life.

"When first pregnant, it all seemed much easier for me," Laila said. "At this second is a bit different. I do not limit themselves in terms of food, so my weight swell."

However, Laila, Ali's daughter in marriage to Veronica Porsche, promised to return to the gym after giving birth. "I must return to its original state after I gave birth."

At first, Laila hopes to return to have boys. "At first, I want to have a boy again. However, I then met with other mothers who had a daughter. Now I want to have a mini-me (I was in a small form)!"

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