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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Melo Bring Victory Knicks

Carmelo Anthony helped lift the New York Knicks out of their slump by scoring 39 points and 10 rebounds as the defeated the Orlando Magic, 113-106.

After being forced to play at half added time, the Knicks finally ended their losing streak at six games. "We have a great desire to win," said Anthony, told reporters, after his attempt to become the highest scoring since joining the Knicks in exchange of a massive player in February. "We know that the time will come when we will come out of this hole and stop the losing streak," he added.

New York led 96-90 at the remaining time is approximately one minute in the fourth quarter before Orlando to rally for the game continued into round three shots by the time the accretion rate that tighten the acquisition of Jason Richardson on the match points in the remaining five seconds.

Knicks game at half increment recover that time where they opened the game with two three-point shots and close it with the last five points.

Chauncey Billups did a one-time three-point shot to make the home team was ahead 106-104 on 3:15 remaining in the half added time and New York (36-38) never followed her after that.

Amare Stoudemire added 20 points and nine rebounds in their efforts to win and the Knicks are still two matches left under the Philadelphia 76ers for the sixth place towards the playoffs in the Eastern Region.
Dwight Howard opened the way for the Magic (47-27) with 29 points and 18 rebounds but scored only two points at half added time.

He got a technical violation of the 17th of the season towards the end of the match. If once again he did it, Howard will get a second skorsingnya punishment for one game.

NBA gave a one-match ban penalty when a player get a 16 technical violations and to provide more punishment for every two technical errors afterward.

Orlando, who once beat the Knicks in their last six meetings, also ended five consecutive wins and still ranks fourth in the Eastern Region.

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