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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Yao Ming to Start Wine Business

Former NBA star from China, Yao Ming started the business after retirement by opening a winery.

By using grapes from the estate Nappa Valley region, the United States, Yao Ming issued a beverage product by using its name as a brand.

His first product is a beverage type Suavignon Cabernet 2009 is priced at 3800 yuan or about 600 U.S. dollars per bottle.

Yaio Sun's factory has its own processing plant, but raw material drawn from Nappa Valley area.

Yao will sell the first bottle in a charity auction that is intended to help the Olympic group for disabled children Sunday. Yao himself is indeed a world ambassador for basketball.

Since decided to withdraw from the Houston Rockets and the NBA because of injury, Yao Ming returned to China and going to school to major in business management.

But outside of busy college, Yao Ming is committed to making charity events through the sport of basketball.

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