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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Abidal: Thank you, Puyol

Barcelona defender Eric Abidal (31), thanked the captain Carles Puyol for giving the opportunity to become the first to lift the Champions League trophy after beating Manchester United (MU) in the Wembley Stadium on Saturday (28/05/2011).

After the match, pinning the captain's armband to Puyol Abidal, a 2.5 months ago to undergo cancer surgery, and allowed her to lift the Champions League trophy.


"I can not explain the emotions I felt. It was spectacular. I'm grateful for the attitude (Puyol) that," said Abidal.

"When the doctor gives you news, you immediately think about the worst. Then, you want to know if you can bersepak ball again."

"I think about how, when visiting sick children in hospitals, we always tell them to fight and I know the message now should I live alone."

"I see everything differently now. Being a professional footballer gives you the extraordinary quality of life. You can buy whatever, whenever you want."

"However, when things like this happen, you realize that luxury car, for example, can not help you," he said.

The expression of gratitude to Puyol was also raised by coach Josep 'Pep' Guardiola. According to him, this attitude is picture quality players Barcelona.

"Players are human beings. Attitudes Carles Puyol Abidal gave Eric the opportunity to lift the trophy is something extraordinary and it will make us stronger," said Pep.

"(Abidal) suffered more than others and Carles shows humanity with that attitude," he added.

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